Blackberry Abbey is name of the splendid  house we have constructed. It is named after the delicious blackberries that grow abundantly here, and also from the “abbey look” of our great room with its high vaulted ceiling. We cultivate a couple of acres on the North Pacific Coast with many fruit trees, vegetables and flowers. We have a constant stream of visitors who enjoy our island of calm in a hectic, confusing world.

Our main purpose is to share our lives with you in meaningful friendship  — in order to build a better world tomorrow.

  • We would like to discuss the profound changes that are affecting our globe.
  • Together we can perhaps find a more harmonious worldview —  to reconcile some of the the intractable conflicts facing individuals and communities in the 21st Century.
  • We search for language and concepts that transcend religious traditions, which might provide context to people with no remembered spiritual heritage.

We believe that the future of humanity will be bright for centuries to come, despite so many worries.

  • We will address the most pressing issues and tell you why solutions can be found, even though turbulence will continue  — as it has for so many centuries before;
  • Here is a video of a lecture by Paul to economics students at University of British Columbia about the outlook for the next 100 years:
  • To see other grounds for optimism, check out the video by Fareed Zakaria at the Harvard University 2012 Commencement.

Walking Confidently Forward – This is a new section containing Paul’s book-in-progress. You can find it on the top menu above.

Here is a video interview about Paul’s new book:  https://youtu.be/UlzMQrU1dqE

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  1. Joel

    We had a wonderful time visiting you with the children.

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